Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's With All These Clueless Christians? (Chuck Baldwin)

Why do many Christians cheer the tyrannical state and its endless wars? Pastor Chuck Baldwin explores the question:

What's with all these clueless Christians? How is it that people who have the benefit of the indwelling Holy Spirit, and the warning and insight of the Sacred Scriptures--not to mention a rich Christian heritage here in America--can be so ignorant, blind, and naïve? Yes, the majority of evangelical Christians seem to be all of the above. The problem has passed being serious: it is catastrophic!

How is it that we have drifted away from being an informed, active, knowledgeable, and dedicated group of highly motivated Christian patriots to a group of impotent and anemic sheep? Our Christian forebears must be turning over in their graves, because we are in the process of squandering the greatest human sacrifice--save that of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ--ever made: the sacrifice of America's Founding Fathers.

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Note: I highly recommend reading Vernard Eller's political masterpiece Christian Anarchy: Jesus' Primacy Over the Powers to learn a more radical way for a Christian to view the state (I don't necessarily agree with Eller on everything he wrote, but it is still well worth the read).

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