Monday, May 5, 2008

A Colonial Radical in King Bernanke's Court (George F. Smith)

George F. Smith on how Thomas Paine might react to the Fed and its disastrous fiat currency:

Thomas Paine made the case for freedom in 1776, and ten years later made the case for freedom’s money, gold and silver. If we had followed his advice on the latter, we would still possess a good measure of the former.

Only an intimidated culture could succeed in preventing a subject like money from reaching the forum of mainstream media, particularly with the dollar’s heavily-inflated history plainly evident on world currency markets, not to mention at the local grocery store. None of what we see today in the financial press would be surprising to hard-money thinkers like Paine. The Common Sense author might respond much like Nock did in regard to the criminality of states: “Well, what would you expect? Look at the record! This is what states do. This is what happens when the government forces you to use paper money and imposes a banking cartel to ‘manage’ its supply.”

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