Saturday, May 3, 2008

Go Cowboy Cal!

For Murray Sabrin's benefit, I'll be rooting for Cowboy Cal in today's Kentucky Derby! See the press release, where Dr. Sabrin explains why he's wagering on the longshot:

Atlantic City, NJ – New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. "Maverick Murray" Sabrin, the Garden State's strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom and the front-runner for United States Senate, announced his support to eliminate the federal prohibition against Atlantic City and other casinos from around the country from accepting wagers on sports and other activities. In addition, Maverick Murray announced his prediction for the Kentucky Derby along with a special one-hour online money-bomb to wager on the Kentucky Derby.

Dr. Murray Sabrin stated, "Our Founders never envisioned the federal government deciding whether states should or should not allow sports betting. A United States Senator from New Jersey named Bill Bradley made it illegal and a United States Senator from New Jersey named Murray Sabrin is going to make it legal again. Taxpayers from across America are responding to my message to Legalize Freedom." Sabrin continued, "This is another example of the federal government getting involved where it has no Constitutional basis. It is time to get government off our backs and out of our wallets."

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