Friday, May 23, 2008

John McMurder Wants More War (Charles Featherstone)

Charles Featherstone on the warped logic of the crazed McCain:

A hole must have been ripped in the space-time continuum lately, because the world in which I live doesn’t seem to make sense. Something seems amiss, as if the events of the last 30 years never happened, or didn’t happen the way I remember them. Or something.

Speaking to restauranteurs – you know, real foreign policy experts – in Chicago recently, Republican presidential candidate John McCain (I don’t have a nifty nickname for him like I do Bush Jong Il for the current occupant of the White House; maybe someone out there could help me with this) responded to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s call for talks with Iran, noting all throughout the Cold War, U.S. presidents spoke to Soviet leaders and the USSR was a far graver threat to both the United States and Israel.

(I don’t know if Obama added the Israel part. But he should have.)

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