Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Does Our Weakness Matter? (Robert Higgs)

Robert Higgs wonders about the prospects of liberty here in the U.S. and looks at why far worse police states have disappeared:

Thucydides tells us that "the strong do what they will, while the weak suffer what they must."

We recall these words even after 2,400 years because they have the ring of truth. And a hard truth it is, especially for those of us who cannot but regard ourselves as ensconced among the weak. As we look about, we see that the strong, who control the state, are rampaging in every jurisdiction and, sure enough, in countless ways the weak are suffering the consequences of these destructive rampages.

Libertarians habitually indulge in wishful thinking. We live in a country where freedom is under relentless attack in ways too numerous even to categorize easily. Governments at every level seem determined to crush each remaining molecule of liberty, and, worst of all, most of the citizens readily accept, when they do not affirmatively demand, the suffocation of freedom wherever it dares to raise its head.

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