Thursday, May 1, 2008

Free Hawaii!

Kudos to the Hawaiian Kingdom Government for keeping up the fight to free the Hawaiian people from the illegal U.S. occupation! Here is their description of the occupation:

On January 16, 1893, United States diplomatic and military personnel conspired with a small group of individuals to overthrow the constitutional government of the Hawaiian Kingdom and prepared to provide for annexation of the Hawaiian Islands to the United States of America, under a treaty of annexation submitted to the United States Senate, on February 15, 1893. Newly elected U.S. President Grover Cleveland, having received notice that the cause of the so-called revolution derived from illegal intervention by U.S. diplomatic and military personnel, withdrew the treaty of annexation and appointed James H. Blount, as Special Commissioner, to investigate the terms of the so-called revolution and to report his findings.

The report concluded that the United States legation assigned to the Hawaiian Kingdom, together with United States Marines and Naval personnel, were directly responsible for the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government. The report details the culpability of the United States government in violating international laws and the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom, but the United States Government fails to follow through in its commitment to assist in reinstating the constitutional government of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

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Note: I realize that "Free Hawaii" does not accurately describe the group's efforts because for the people living on the group of islands known as "Hawaii" to really be free, the state would have to be eliminated; however, a return to their traditional government would likely be far better than continuing to live under the thumb of United States imperialism.

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