Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Homeschoolers Need Apply (Subway)

Thanks to David Beito at the Independent Institute for pointing out that Subway has decided to exclude homeschoolers from a children's contest:

Subway is sponsoring a writing contest for children. The first prize is five thoousand dollars of athletic equipment for the child’s school and the winning essay will appear in Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine.

Here are the rules: ”Contest is open only to legal US residents, over the age of 18 with children in either elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.”

The folks at Subway, of course, have every right to set their own contest rules but why did they make this particular exclusion? Was it suggested by someone at Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine?

(see here for the full rules)

UPDATE: Subway has apologized and promises to include homeschoolers in a future contest. Kudos to Subway!

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