Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Put Your Money Where Evil's Mouth Is (B.R. Merrick)

B.R. Merrick is using whatever "refund" he gets from the state to assist those innocents who survived the carnage his stolen tax dollars have purchased. An excerpt:

If you’re like me, living in relative comfort and reading this article while bloodying your mouth with food and listening to your iTunes, you should try imagining for a few seconds that one in five of your fellow cube-mates at work, or one in five people in your neighborhood, has been displaced to Canada or Mexico, or even a neighboring US state where less fighting is taking place. Now try to imagine that the reason he has been “inconvenienced” is that an invading army, one that is increasingly disillusioned, has flattened his house, while seriously damaging yours. You were able to stay, returning to your familiar cubicle while eating your lunch, but Bob and his wife and kid had to go, because the duplex they lived in is now rubble. That is reality, not for America , but for Iraq and Afghanistan . That is the mouth. That is my mouth. So it is time for me to put my money where my mouth--the mouth of evil--is.

From now on, whenever I get a refund from our benevolent government, it will go directly to assist the innocents who survived what my money has purchased. While the Iraqi Red Crescent can take direct donations, the Afghans would receive help probably from this link. (Since there are three e-mail addresses for the Afghan group, I am assuming that you could send a donation via PayPal.) If there are any other charities that are more directly involved, or have greater efficiency at getting the resources to those most in need, I would appreciate hearing about them, and will update this article as soon as I get the information. But much more should be done.

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