Sunday, September 28, 2008

Absent Without Leave (BJ Lawson)

Email from BJ Lawson:

My opponent is a disgrace.

Other than a brief canned statement in local media on Friday, he has published nothing on the administration's bailout proposal. He has contributed nothing to the discussion or debate on the most significant financial crisis of our lifetimes.

As of this evening, his Congressional Web site is devoid of any information on the topic, with no updates since September 23rd. How is he serving the people?

A brief survey of Congressional Web sites across the political spectrum shows that other representatives are aggressively communicating with their constituents: Virginia Foxx, Dennis Kucinich, Marcy Kaptur, and Ron Paul all have prominent statements and updates on the debate.

What does my opponent do?

He closes his office:

... and doesn't even answer the phones.

Folks, the survival of our economic system is at stake. This has not been a good weekend for the rule of law, or good government:

Please let your friends and neighbors know that it is time to hold our elected officials accountable. We desperately need principled change in November.


William "BJ" Lawson
Congressional Candidate, North Carolina's 4th District

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