Friday, September 12, 2008

The American Empire is Another Bubble (Don Rich)

Don Rich on what Ludwig von Mises might say about our economic woes and America's insane foreign policy:

If Ludwig von Mises were to peruse today's newspapers, he would recognize the symptoms of a worldwide central-bank-generated credit bubble and its oncoming collapse.

What increasingly characterizes the global financial order, Mises would say, is an arrangement where regulators encourage a "heads I win, tails everyone else loses" mentality, backstopped by the willingness of quasi-governmental entities to print and borrow money without bound.

A gentle man by all accounts, Mises would resist the temptation to say, "I told you so," and focus on how to avoid a full-blown global economic and political catastrophe.

The announcement by the FDIC that it might have to "temporarily" borrow money from the Treasury, i.e., the taxpayers, is the latest squawking canary that the dollar-centric global-fiat-money and regulatory era in place since WWII is approaching a final ugly dénouement.

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