Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ack! Barr? (Rick Fisk)

Rick Fisk wonders if the Bob Barr campaign is simply incredibly stupid, or if they are part of the Republicrat conspiracy to squash any attempt to cut into their monopoly on power:

Bob Barr, Russ Verney and the Libertarian Party leadership want you to know that Ron Paul isn't the ├╝ber-leader this country needs. After all, a man who showed "true leadership qualities" would have given Barr an exclusive endorsement while snubbing a good portion of the country's voters.

As you may know, Ron Paul held a press conference on September 10, 2008. In attendance were three candidates for President who had signed a pledge agreeing to carry out four planks important to Dr. Paul in exchange for an endorsement of their candidacies. Bob Barr, who had promised to attend, backed out in the final hour before the event began. He decided, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate his leadership qualities, that it would be best to distance himself from Ron Paul and assure the country that working with others in politics is a terrible idea. In spite of his sour-grapes-induced temper-tantrum, Barr still signed the pledge.

Therefore, what you may not have realized about Ron Paul's press conference is that it was unprecedented in the history of American politics. How powerful must one political figure be to get four candidates -- one independent and three with party affiliations -- to agree to four major platform planks which are important to him? Very powerful.

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