Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Price: Lawmaker or Lawpasser? (BJ Lawson)

BJ Lawson takes the gloves off against his opponent:

I have tried to maintain a sense of decorum and respect for the August Institutions that comprise Our Nation’s Government. I have tried valiantly to speak respectfully of My Opponent, who has Served His Country as a Public Servant for twenty of the past twenty-two years.

But the cognitive dissonance required to maintain that respect is rapidly eroding.

Yesterday, my opponent was interviewed by Bill LuMaye, a popular talk show host on AM 680 WPTF. You can tell my opponent is running for re-election — he has been on Mr. LuMaye’s show about four times in the past two months. My opponent was asked to talk about the financial crisis, and the Paulson/Bernanke bailout plan.

Here’s where I have a problem: all my opponent was able to accomplish in thirty minutes was wringing his hands in sober tones about how terrible the current crisis is, stating how we need to do some kind of bailout, and then blaming The Administration for putting this questionable bailout plan in front of him.

I have one question for my opponent: Are you a Lawmaker, or a Lawpasser?

Read the rest (and also see his excellent comments below the post)

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