Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perspective on Ron Paul's New Direction (Michael Nystrom)

Michael Nystrom adds his $.02 on the Ron Paul press conference and the direction of the freedom movement:

I was absolutely exhilarated by Ron Paul's press conference and announcement yesterday. Dr. Paul is a visionary, a leader who continues to push the envelope of perception and understanding for the benefit of the rest of us trapped inside the matrix. For those of you who were left confused and disappointed by yesterday's announcement please consider the following perspective.

Ron Paul has been, and still is way ahead of us in his thinking. He is a visionary who looks at the big (huge) picture. Remember that he's long been onto the ideas and trends (e.g. police state creep, interventionist foreign policy, gold, the Fed, and the solutions offered by freedom and personal liberty) that many of us are only now picking up on. Dr. Paul sniffed all of this out 35 years ago or more! In fact, he is the one who introduced many of us to these ideas in the first place. From the beginning, he has been willing to step forward and speak publicly about what appeared to be crazy talk, long before anyone knew or cared about the truth. To walk that lonely road for so long requires a tremendous amount of courage, a quality that Ron Paul clearly has no shortage of.

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