Friday, February 1, 2008

Correcting Kinsley on Libertarianism (Robert Murphy)

Robert Murphy defends libertarianism against the critics, showing that the government simply can't do anything better than the free market. His introduction:

I have always liked Michael Kinsley, ever since he was the "liberal" on Crossfire. It's true, sometimes I enjoyed reading or listening to him in the same way I like to play with a canker sore, but nonetheless, I like Kinsley. Far more than other commentators, Kinsley seems to really believe in what he's writing, and to actually consider the views of his opponents.

Longtime readers know that when I start an article praising someone, it's because I'm getting ready to attack. Well, Kinsley recently wrote a piece criticizing extreme (I would say consistent) libertarianism, and I have a few bones to pick with him. Walter Block has already written a sweeping response, so in the present article I want to focus on just three of Kinsley's missteps.

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