Monday, February 4, 2008

Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis

I just got back from the Ron Paul rally in Minneapolis, and it was amazing! The room was absolutely packed, and the energy was palpable! This is an exciting time, a crossroads in our nation's history. The Ron Paul Revolution is here to stay!

In the press release, the campaign says there were 4200 people there, more than Hillary had in the same venue just a few days ago! Woohoo!


RomanEntertainment said...

I completely agree, it was an amazing night. I was there with my good friend Eric Richards who sang "Are we still free?" and the National anthem. It was such an honor to take part in such an important night. With Super Tuesday only a few hours away now it definitely gave me a great "shot" of Ron Paul for the long day we have ahead of us.
Let's all ask 3 people to go with the polls with us and vote Ron Paul! Imagine the impact of 3x4200 people. It could make the difference here in Minnesota.
It was definitely awesome to film this event... I was in the Orchestra Pit about 5 feet directly in front of Dr.Paul taking video the entire time. I will also put an updated version of Eric's song straight from the rally on YouTube hopefully by tomorrow night. The full recording of the speech may take a day or two longer. I've definitely got awesome footage of everyone in attendance. Minnesota loves RON PAUL!

Minnesota Chris said...

Thanks RomanEntertainment! You and Eric did an awesome job of kicking off the rally, and it will be something I remember for a long time! I look forward to your YouTubes.

I recorded the rally as well, but it's obviously amateurish. If I have a chance I'll try to post some of it anyways!

Go Ron Paul!