Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Torture State's Domestic Face (William N. Grigg)

One of the evils that Daniel McCarthy said we should proceed ever more boldly against is the brutal prison-industrial complex that now exists in our country. William N. Grigg writes about the out-of-control "corrections" system:

This sort of thing isn't supposed to happen -- at least not to attractive, middle-class, middle-aged American women.

We've become at least somewhat inured to the spectacle of sadistic violence being inflicted on dusky-skinned foreign terrorist suspects, or the occasional (make that “increasingly frequent”) violent death of black Americans, both young males and elderly women, as a result of paramilitary police raids.

Some of us have read the complaints of accused criminals who have been “lit up” by corrections officers in jails or brutalized in prison. And it's not difficult to find accounts of similar treatment inflicted on illegal aliens held in ICE detention facilities (the most notorious of which was built with the help of illegal immigrant labor, of course).

But, hey – the perps had it coming, right? And why should we be upset if some border-jumper gets roughed up a bit? After all, isn't that how things are done al otro lado de la frontera?

Hearts unmoved by such cases tend to melt at the spectacle of a slender, helpless woman shrieking in fear and impotent rage as she is pinned down and violently disrobed by skinheads wearing the uniform of Ohio's Stark County Sheriff's Department.

Read the rest (warning: not for the faint of heart)

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