Saturday, February 2, 2008

Undersea Cables Cut by NSA?

Lew Rockwell speculates that the cutting of the undersea cables that limited internet access in parts of Asia was no accident:

At the start of WWI, Britain cut the transatlantic cables from the continent to the US, to make sure that only its war propaganda would influence US public opinion. It helped, as the Apostle Woodrow (as Mencken called him) was able to turn an already horrific war into a disaster for Western civilization, and ensuring part II in 1939 (and even current troubles in the Middle East).

Now some state is cutting cables again, to show its power or to prepare for a war of aggression against the Iranian people.

UPDATE from U.P.: "It might involve something like the NSA, installing foreign interception bugs and trackers into the optic cables. Read this article."

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