Friday, September 5, 2008

Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe

The author of this excellent article scoffs at those who concoct purely mathematical concepts such as dark matter, dark energy, and black holes when they don't even understand what gravity is, or why matter manifests with mass:

Gravity is the most familiar force. We are subject to it every day of our lives. Newton gave us his ‘law of gravity,’ which describes its effect but doesn’t explain it. “I frame no hypotheses,” he wrote. Einstein wasn’t so prudent when he introduced his “postulates.” Unfortunately, his unreal geometry doesn’t explain gravity either. The usual demonstration using heavy steel balls on a rubber sheet to represent ‘gravity wells’ relies on gravity as its own explanation!

The fact that we do not understand gravity in this space age should cause alarm. Our cosmology — our view of our situation in the universe — is based on a mystery! The ‘big bang’ is a monumentally expensive work of fiction.

Read the rest to find out why the study of the electric universe model is so important to understand.


gag said...

I suspect that Nikola Tesla had a gifted insight with regards to gravity and energy.


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