Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin's Intellectual Bipolar Disorder (Jeff Tucker)

Jeff Tucker on Sarah Palin's bipolar speech:

I just watched this clip of Sarah Palin from the Republican convention last night. I just don't get how people can cheer and cheer over such obviously conflicting ideas.

One the one hand, she assails Obama as favoring big government, more taxes, more control from Washington, and everyone goes nuts denouncing government. Then only a few sentences later, she is blasting Obama for not favoring war enough, for wanting to give people too many rights, for not wanting military victory over the entire planet. People cheer that too.

Do these people not realize that the same government that controls from Washington is also the institution that she is proposing have a world empire? Do these people not realize that global military occupation costs money that comes out of the pockets of American citizens? Do they not realize that a government that cares nothing about the rights of foreigners is not going to have much respect for the rights of its citizens either?

I know it's an old problem, and nothing has changed since the Cold War days, but the intellectual bipolar disorder of the conservative mainstream is still very difficult to comprehend. It's no wonder that smart people conclude, even from watching this one clip, that the whole thing is a racket.

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