Monday, September 8, 2008

Perspective on the RNC and MA Ron Paul Delegation (Michael Nystrom)

Michael Nystrom of the Daily Paul reports on his experiences at the lions den known as the Republican Convention, and now has an even greater appreciation for the courage of Ron Paul:

Devastation does not begin to describe how I felt about the Massachusetts Ron Paul delegation. Until earlier today, I'm certain that I was suffering from a mild case of PTSD from the convention, especially the events surrounding Wednesday's vote. After five years of being a non-smoker I smoked like a chimney throughout the week. Following the roll call vote, my heart had gone dark, my head spinning with the events that took place. My wife didn't recognize me, moping around the house, lost in thought, a frown on my face. Until I wrote what follows this afternoon, I could barely generate a coherent thought. That's how bad it was.

As we all know, the Massachusetts delegation cast a unanimous vote for McCain at the RNC. It has long been all over the net - on the Forums, Lew Rockwell, and here on the Daily Paul, not to mention the mainstream news. I was a member of that MA delegation, and prior to last week I felt proud of it.

Read the rest, and also see why Michael dropped the suffix in "Ron Paul Republican."

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