Monday, March 10, 2008

Ending the War (Laurence Vance)

Laurence Vance says the troops are the only ones who can end the war:

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, there is no end of the war in sight.

The Republicans, although some of them might be upset with how the war has turned out, are still a bunch of crazed warmongers. They have shown that they love war as long as it is a Republican war. And as we already knew, Republicans love the military-industrial complex and the security-industrial complex.

The Democrats who began their control of Congress last year have done nothing to stop the war. They have continually caved in to Bush’s demands for more money for the war. They have no plans to impeach the war criminals who lied us into war. Of course, if it was a Democratic president who had started the war, they would be all for it.

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