Friday, March 7, 2008

Should We Lose Hope? (Geoffrey Pike)

Geoffrey Pike says just because Ron Paul won't win the presidency, those of us on the side of freedom shouldn't lose hope:

It looks likely that the next president of the United States will be John McCain, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton. There is still a chance that a third-party candidate could come out of nowhere and win, but we know that is unlikely at this point. Although Obama talks of change and sometimes talks of withdrawing from Iraq, we know that we will mostly get more of the same. Of course, Clinton or McCain would be a virtual guarantee of a continuation of big government in every aspect.

In this election, we finally had a libertarian who received some publicity and actually was allowed in the debates. It is obviously disheartening that he didn’t get a higher vote total, even if the mainstream media didn’t cover him much. Ron Paul reached a lot of people and made a few waves, but Americans, and in particular Republicans, seemed to reject his message.

It seems hopeless at times, as we know that the mainstream media will never willingly change. Government will continue to grow and the whole system has been rigged in favor of the establishment. How could we possibly ever reverse this course?

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