Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Madness Part Two

Well, after looking at the brackets....the teams are seeded pretty well! And the four number one seeds are the four best teams in the country, interestingly enough.

Pick to win: Kansas

Dark Horse: Louisville

Cinderalla: Boy, the teams I was looking forward to pick were Gonzaga and Davidson, but they play each other in the first round, and the winner of that game gets Georgetown, which is playing as well as anyone! So, for any team 9 or lower, I think Texas A&M [UPDATE] (A&M may be good, but they have no chance to beat UCLA in Anaheim) and Kansas State have the best chance to go far, but I'm not sure if a Big 12 team can be considered a "Cinderella." Clemson and Marquette could be worth taking a look at as well.

Good luck with your picks, folks!

[UPDATE] After looking at the bracket, I see that many small conference teams are playing each other in the first round! Do you think by limiting the amount of games BCS schools have to face "mid-majors," NCAA and CBS are trying to avoid another scenario like 2006, where Wichita State played George Mason in the Sweet 16?

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