Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Flag for Your Son (Michael Gaddy)

Michael Gaddy on state-worshiping Christian warmongers:

When a people choose to worship the idol called the state as their savior, the natural progression will require that eventually they sacrifice themselves or members of their family to insure the growth and survival of this false god.

A flag for your son, father, brother, husband, uncle, nephew or cousin; a flag-draped cold metal box for your mother, sister, wife, aunt, or niece. Of course, the pagan god will refuse any attempt to photograph these sacrifices, returned from the fields of conquest and death, claiming they are protecting the families, while in reality they seek to protect themselves from any awakening to the truth that might occur among their worshipers (slaves).

I continually wonder at the so-called Christian element in this country, their support of illegal wars, worship of the state, and ignorance of their cherished Ten Commandments; especially the first, second, sixth and tenth. Have they not adopted the state as their god, the flag as their graven image, committed murder in the name of the state and coveted that which belongs to their neighbors (oil and other natural resources)? What have they done with the Golden Rule?

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