Monday, March 10, 2008

Shield and Strength: The Power of Love (Glen Allport)

Glen Allport comments on the extraordinary power of love. An excerpt:

Yet there is one strategy you can pursue which will serve you and your family well regardless of what happens. This strategy provides a powerful shield against hard times and other difficulties; it creates a core of strength to meet whatever life may bring and improves the quality of life far more than money ever can. This shield will not stop bullets or creditors, nor will the strength I speak of allow for leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Yet this strength is real and profound, and it can indeed shield people in important ways from the pain and hardships of life. If you look carefully, you can see this strength at work in the lives of (some) people today and in history, and you can see the problems and harm caused by a lack of this strength in the lives of others.

You can make use of this strength yourself, and can to some extent give it to those around you, including especially to your children. As with a financial shield, this one requires time and effort to create. This strength, this shield against the hardships and sorrows of life, is rooted in an ancient and profound biological ability: love.

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