Thursday, March 27, 2008

Selling Yourself Into Slavery (Lysander's Ghost)

"Lysander's Ghost" says that having a true free market stateless society isn't enough to guarantee liberty:

Rothbardian anarchism has played a central role in the development of my understanding of human action. The state is the central antagonist of history, and most other antagonists mimic the state. The state appears stable because it attacks any potential institution or ideology that might reduce dependency on the state. However, the state is not stable long term, because its very nature is to grow and consume its host society, but create nothing from itself. While there are certainly times when states are undefeatable from the outside, there will eventually come times for every state where its predations weaken it to a point where it will die.

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A vanity search brought me to your site. Thanks for linking to my article.

-Lysander's Ghost