Monday, March 31, 2008

Making Saints of Monsters (Thomas DiLorenzo)

Thomas DiLorenzo on how this country's greatest criminals are honored, even when their own words should condemn them:

In response to an LRC review of a (Distortion of) History Channel "documentary" on Sherman’s march to the sea by Clyde Wilson, Valerie Protopapas of Huntington Station, New York, took it upon herself to go to the library and research Sherman herself. Sherman’s History Channel image of a heroic and benevolent egalitarian just sounded like, well, like a lie to her. So out of the blue she wrote Professor Wilson (who now describes himself as a recovering academic historian) that "the truth about Sherman and his genocidal beliefs (and tactics) is, like Lincoln’s views on race and slavery, well reported but ignored."

That is, one can find the facts of history if one looks for them.

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