Thursday, March 6, 2008

Murray Sabrin Update

Murray Sabrin's chances look even better because his chief rival, Anne Estabrook, announced on her website that she is dropping out of the race due to health reasons. That leaves only Republican Joe Pennacchio and an 84 year old Democrat in the way of his election to the Senate!

And Dr. Sabrin is on the attack, as you can see in his latest press release:

Jersey City – New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. Murray Sabrin, the Garden State's strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom, announced the creation of an independent Slate of Delegates for the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. The Delegates and other Republicans running on Dr. Sabrin's line will run under the slogan, "Constitutional Republicans protecting the Liberty Platform" on Primary Day, June 3, 2008. In addition to this announcement, Dr. Sabrin called on the New Jersey Republican State Chairman, Tom Wilson, to step down immediately.

Dr. Sabrin stated, "We need to rebuild the Republican Party in New Jersey from the ground up and that process begins by agreeing on simple principles. We will select Delegates to the GOP Convention who will not embarrass the rank and file Republicans by pushing their liberal philosophy and attacking the conservative platform Ronald Reagan won on. The five primary conditions for any Delegate running under the ‘Constitutional Republicans protecting the Liberty Platform' are 1) support the Pro-Life position, 2) support the 2nd Amendment, 3) opposing amnesty for illegal aliens, 4) support making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent, and 5) reforming U.S. monetary policy. I am asking George Ajjan to Chair my Delegate Selection Process."

George Ajjan stated, "We are in the process of fielding every delegate and alternate delegate with Constitutional Conservatives. In addition, we will be filling every ballot position with rock solid Republicans." Anyone interested in participating as a delegate, alternate delegate or running for office should contact George Ajjan directly at the campaign office (201-332-3422).

Dr. Sabrin continued, "The Chairman's recent words and actions during this campaign have highlighted the lack of leadership at the top of the Republican Party in New Jersey. Tom Wilson should immediately step down as Chairman before he causes any more harm to this fragile political party. I am asking Joe Pennacchio to join with me in asking for his resignation. We need a strong conservative like Assemblyman Mike Doherty to guide the GOP while we begin this rebuilding process." Dr. Sabrin also asked Joe Pennacchio not to run with any delegation who doesn't support the Republican Platform Ronald Reagan won on.

The New Jersey Republican Party is a laughing stock among the National Republican Party for trying to insert pro-abortion language into the National Republican Platform.

Murray Sabrin is a retired successful entrepreneur working in commercial real estate, portfolio management, and economic research. Murray is an author, TV and radio commentator, and Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at Ramapo College. He and his wife Florence of 39 years reside in Bergen County. For more information, please visit

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