Saturday, January 19, 2008

#2 in Nevada!

Wow! Ron Paul looks like he'll edge out John McCain for 2nd place in the Nevada caucus! And it's great to see Giuliani do terrible yet again with a 6th place / 4% effort!

Butler Shaffer brings up a good point about "viable" candidates:

Since Thompson, Huckabee, Giuliani, and Hunter each failed to get into double-digit percentages of the vote in Nevada, is it time for these characters to drop out of the presidential race? 10% seemed to be the cut-off point for the MSM and the "debate" conductors to be the minimum support necessary to be a viable candidate - at least for one candidate - it may be time to narrow the field down to Romney, Paul, and McCain. Perhaps CNN - with its "best team in politics" - can begin to explore this possibility!

And James Ostrowski has some more good points about the Nevada results:

Wow, Ron Paul might take second in Nevada and no worse than a strong third.

This is extremely significant for many reasons.

First, though Romney won, he once again had home field advantage, the large Mormon population there.

Second, this is the first Western state to vote (Wyoming’s closed caucus was a joke.)

Third, this proves that the neocon/beltway libertarian smear has failed.

Fourth, it’s his highest vote count and highest rank yet.

Fifth, another nail in the coffin for Rudy and an embarrassment for the man the establishment wants us to think is the inevitable nominee, Double Talk McCain.

Finally, this moral victory for Ron Paul is happening while South Carolina is still voting. So I say to those folks, whom I last spoke to at the now-famous 1995 Mises secession Conference:

The MSM has lied to you. Ron Paul can win the nomination!

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