Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire results

Well, Ron Paul came in 5th yet again. I was fairly pleased with the 5th place / 10% in Iowa, but am disappointed in the 5th place / 8% in New Hampshire, the supposedly "Live Free or Die State." The good news is that Giuliani still did not do well, and no candidate has set himself apart from the field; this could still result in a brokered convention, where anything can happen. There is still hope!

There have been allegations of vote fraud that prevented Dr. Paul from receiving more votes. The problem is, although paper ballots can be checked for accuracy, the notoriously questionable electronic voting machines cannot be reliably audited. If the election is stolen, we have no way of really proving it. Electronic balloting should be eliminated, at least until voting machines use software code that is open sourced.

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