Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ron Paul Is the Tortoise (Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell says that the goals of the Ron Paul campaign have always been two-pronged: to win the nomination, and to build a lasting movement. His blog post:

We all remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Ron Paul, steady, hardworking, consistent, and principled, keeps going. Last night in Florida he got the most votes he has gotten so far. He is already advertising in Arkansas, and working in many other Super Tuesday states. Then, as he has noted, most of the primaries and caucuses will still lie ahead, and he is working in all of them. As always, he has a two-pronged strategy--to win the nomination, and to build a lasting movement. Of course, he has already won one of these goals. And tonight, he will win the debate again. He has won all of the debates, as even Rudy acknowledged in his defeat speech. And need I mention that the slim, athletic Dr. Paul, though he is one year older than McCain, is FAR younger in mind, body, and heart? Also far smarter and better educated? McCain brags about being a parasite for the state all his life, and disses the private sector. Well, Ron Paul is the candidate of the private sector, of all those productive Americans who are sick and tired of foreign wars, Federal Reserve bubbles, the police state, and the income tax. Only Ron Paul speaks for freedom, peace, and prosperity. I do notice that there are more and more calls for Ron to run as an independent in the fall, or on several third party tickets. Before any thought of that, as he has said, there is the possibly brokered convention in Minneapolis. The path is long and grueling, but didn't we know it would be? Ahead of us is one of the great men of American history, speaking truth to power. We can be slackers, or we can try to emulate greatness. For any real American, there is only one choice: the Revolution. Thus we can only follow, support, cheer, and donate. Indeed, let's step up the pace in every sense. This cause is worth all we can give it.

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