Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The New Republic hit piece

A muckraking piece by The New Republic appears to have gotten more traction than I thought. Apparently, a "journalist" dug up some old newsletters that had Dr. Paul's name attached to them and contained some controversial remarks. Ron Paul responded to the accusations, saying the news is over a decade old and is being resurrected for political reason. In short, he allowed newsletters to go out in his name for which he did not review the material. A shortsighted mistake, but one that he has apologized for in the past. Thomas DiLorenzo, who is also mentioned in the hit piece, comments here:

An emailer informed me this morning that a young kid whom he called a "grossly uneducated, pimply-faced youth" slandered both Ron Paul and myself on the Tucker Carlson show last night. The pimply-faced youth (PFY) is one Jamie Kirchick, who writes for the left-wing, pro-war New Republic magazine. In the YouTube video of the conversation the PFY asserts over and over that Ron Paul is a "racist." When Carlson asks him if he ever heard Ron make a racist remark he says "No." But then, with a Gotcha! look on his face, the PFY announces: "BUT," he DID attend a conference on secession in 1995!! Aha! Gotcha!

This ignorant little kid posing as a "journalist" then informed everyone that the conference was sponsored by a "neo-Confederate" group and that Ron Paul speaks to "the neo-Confederate community," whatever that is, "in code language. (I knew that Ron was in touch with the Martian community, and with the residents of the planet Remulak, home of the supposedly "fictional" Coneheads of Saturday Night Live fame, but not the "Neo-Confederate Community" as well).

Well, I was at that secession conference and presented a paper there. It was sponsored by the Mises Institute, which has nothing to do with Confederates, neo or otherwise, as anyone who surveyed the Institute's programs on its web site ( would know. The PFY did not bother because he is only interested in slandering Ron Paul, not in being a serious journalist.

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