Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Take on the Florida Primary

As polls seemed to suggest, Florida was between McCain and Romney, and it looks like McCain will come out on top. McCain would have to be considered the frontrunner right now, but will he have enough funds to keep it going?

Ron Paul came in a distant fifth, with a measly 3% of the vote; I guess having the blimp there for weeks didn't do much good after all. It looks like the airship project is out of funds, and the blimp is headed back to its home base. It certainly was a creative idea, and I think it was worth the shot.

On a brighter note, a third place finish by the broke Giuliani could spell the end of his campaign! And what will Huckabee do with his fourth place finish? He is also apparently broke, and could hang up the towel soon. Ron Paul has the support and the funds to make a run for the long haul, which nobody else but Romney (thanks to his ability to loan himself millions) appears to be able to do right now. The Republican nomination may well end up being settled at a brokered convention, so the candidates who have a chance will have to make it until the very end. Regardless of what you hear in the mainstream press, Dr. Paul still has a decent chance at the nomination!

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