Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why Ron Paul?

Butler Shaffer answers:

For those who think that Ron Paul will not get the GOP nomination so they might as well vote for someone else; voting for Paul could send a message of dissatisfaction with the entirety of where modern politics has taken us. Bear in mind that all of the other candidates (with the exception of Kucinich) are nothing but fungible parrots for the established order. They will do whatever their masters direct. Whether Romney or Clinton or McCain or Obama is the next president will matter not one whit in terms of the problems of war, expansive police state practices, or a collapsing economy. Unless Ron Paul is able to surprise everyone, the November elections will pit Tweedledum against Tweedledummer, with the defining issue becoming whether either candidate had ever seen a UFO or believes that a convicted child-molester should have been paroled. The primaries may be the only chance to "just say 'no!'" in a way that might even draw the attention of newspaper editors and television babblers.

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