Saturday, January 12, 2008

Debunking myths about libertarians

The late Murray Rothbard, dean of the libertarian Austrian School of economics, wrote a paper in 1979 to debunk common misconceptions regarding libertarianism; it is just as relevant and important today, and is a must read for those who are not familiar with the movement:

Libertarianism is the fastest growing political creed in America today. Before judging and evaluating libertarianism, it is vitally important to find out precisely what that doctrine is, and, more particularly, what it is not. It is especially important to clear up a number of misconceptions about libertarianism that are held by most people, and particularly by conservatives. In this essay I shall enumerate and critically analyze the most common myths that are held about libertarianism. When these are cleared away, people will then be able to discuss libertarianism free of egregious myths and misconceptions, and to deal with it as it should be on its very own merits or demerits.

Read the rest of Murray Rothbard's article

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