Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Pre-emptive" Nuclear War

William N. Grigg blogs on how the insane Bush/Putin/NATO doctrine of a pre-emptive nuclear first strike has brought the world on the brink of nuclear war (note that this idea was only considered parody in 1967). An excerpt:

Accordingly, Russia has the nuclear safeties off and is prepared to throw down in order to defend the “territorial integrity” of its allies – a category that might include Iran.

For its part, NATO has the safeties off and is prepared to go nuclear against “rogue states,” a category that, in practice, refers to countries that don't bend to Washington's will – like Iran. NATO is already involved in "out-of-area" action in Afghanistan, and there have been serious discussions about deploying NATO forces in Lebanon or even the West Bank, venues that would offer plentiful opportunities for "pre-emptive" action of all kinds.

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Also, see what Ron Paul had to say about the pre-emptive war in Iraq before it began, and about the pre-emptive war to come in Iran.

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