Sunday, January 20, 2008

"This may be your last chance America"

Jennifer Reynolds from on the Free At Last 2008 money bomb:

Can Ron Paul's supporters make the difference in this race? According to news sources, "All of the Republican candidates, with the exception of Romney, are broke." Well, not quite. Ron Paul still has 8 million dollars left, but then, you wouldn't expect most media outlets to include Dr. Paul in their discussion would you? Sorry, mainstream media you bring these digs on yourself by your continued blackout of Ron Paul's achievements.

According to Jesse Benton, a Ron Paul spokesman, Dr. Paul still has between eight and nine million dollars left in the coffers. This was aired during an interview on the Internet. If that is so, then the upcoming Money Bomb to be held on January 21 could mean a lot for Ron Paul. In the past when supporters held these "money bombs" he was able to raise $4.3 million dollars on one day and $6 million dollars on the other.

If Ron Paul's supporters are still able to donate, and haven't maxed out yet, there is room for Ron Paul to be the best funded man going into the Super Tuesday elections with the exception of Mitt Romney, whose bulk of donations have come out of his own pocket. Part of this will depend on how much of his personal fortune Romney is willing to spend.

So far, the field is still wide open for the GOP nomination. Despite the fact that the Boston Globe falsely (er, excuse me, mistakenly?) printed the results of the recent Michigan primary, Ron Paul received fourth in that contest, not fifth. It was media darling Fred Thompson who actually took the fifth place spot with the man who was polling as the frontrunner for most of this season, Giuliani behind him in last place.

By now it is no surprise that Ron Paul's quite respectable fourth place finish was ignored while the media still treat Mr. Giuliani as a front runner. In Iowa, Ron Paul came in fifth, and Giuliani came in sixth. In New Hampshire the two were nearly tied, but Giuliani did beat Paul by one percent coming in fourth to Paul's fifth place finish. In Wyoming, CNN simply reported by amount of delegates received and neither Giuliani nor Paul received any. As noted above, in Michigan Paul took fourth place and Giuliani took sixth, or dead last. So by all accounts, Ron Paul is actually leading Rudy Giuliani, and yet no one has called Mr. Giuliani an also-ran, or a fringe candidate, no these labels are reserved for Ron Paul.

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