Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There stands Ron Paul like a stone wall

James Ostrowski offers his very upbeat analysis of the Florida primary and says that Ron Paul may well be the last Republican standing:

Wow! What a night.

Chaos and clarity battled tonight. Clarity won and I for one am very happy about it.

Now we get the one-on-one scenario I laid out a few weeks ago but which was delayed by Romney's victory in Michigan (won by his embrace of economic fascism).

Again, let me mimic Michael Corleone:

Romney's dead. Giuliani’s dead. Huckabee's dead.

Rudy will now drop out and endorse McCain. Les belligerents need to stick together. Huckabee will stay in to draw votes from Romney and hope to get VP. (Why anyone would want to be Vice President beats me.)

Romney’s attempt to buy the presidency with his personal wealth has failed. He outspent McCain ten to one in TV ads and got whipped anyway. His speech tonight looked like a funeral.

McCain was civil to all his opponents tonight except one: Ron Paul. That was the tip-off that this is now a two-man race. Ron Paul got 60,000 votes tonight in Florida even though there has been a media blackout of his campaign since three days before Iowa.

We are already being told that McCain is a lock; it's all over. That's the conventional wisdom and anything else is just wishful Paulian thinking. But, as with all my prognostications this year and last--including that Rudy had "zero chance" to win when he was leading the polls by 14%--my analysis is based on facts. Such as: John McCain has only eight percent of the delegates he needs. And: McCain is a deeply flawed candidate who remains unpopular with the Republican base.

In spite of taking a beating in the early primaries, the General ordered his troops to hold their fire and wait for the right time to strike back. The time is now! The time is now to drive the beltway elite all the way back to their homeland in Washington DC.

The troops are fresh. Morale remains high. There’s money in the bank and the orders are to fight on.

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