Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mises Institute Videos

This is a compilation of various seminars, speeches, and other videos associated with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the educational center for Austrian Economics and modern libertarian theory. Most of these videos can also be found on the media section, but I've found they are often easier to access on Google Video or YouTube. So for your viewing enjoyment, here they are, with more to come as they become available:

A tribute to Burton S. Blumert (1929-2009)

New!  Mises Circle in Colorado Springs, 4/4/09 (More info)

Austrian Scholars Conference 2009, 3/12 - 3/14/09 (more audio and video)

The Mises Circle in Houston, 1/24/09 (link):

The Gold Standard: An Austrian Perspective (Mises Institute's first conference from 1983)

Supporters Summit 2008, 10/31 - 11/1/08 (YouTube playlist here)

Mises Circle in Vancouver, 9/13/2008:

Economics in One Lesson Interviews, 8/2008: (YouTube playlist here)

  1. The Lesson: Jeff Tucker interviews Walter Block

  2. The Broken Window: Jeff Tucker interviews Tom DiLorenzo

  3. Public Works Means Taxes: Jeff Tucker interviews Jeff Herbener

  4. Credit Diverts Production: Jeff Tucker interviews Tom Woods

  5. The Curse of Machinery: Jeff Tucker interviews Bob Murphy

  6. Disbanding Troops and Bureaucrats: Jeff Tucker interviews Walter Block

  7. Who's Protected By Tariffs? - Jeff Tucker interviews Mark Thornton

  8. "Parity" Prices: Jeff Tucker interviews Peter Klein

  9. How The Price System Works: Jeff Tucker interviews Jörg Guido Hülsmann

  10. Minimum Wage Laws: Jeff Tucker interviews George Reisman

  11. The Function of Profits: Jeff Tucker interviews Joseph Salerno

  12. The Assault on Saving: Jeff Tucker interviews Roger Garrison

Mises University 2008, 7/31/2008:

Rothbard Graduate Seminar, 6/8 - 6/13/08:

Austrian Scholars Conference 2008, 3/13 - 3/15/08:

Mises Institute Documentaries and Interviews:

Murray Rothbard File:

Mises Circle in Houston: "Great Economic Myths," 1/26/2008:

Austrian Workshops:

Presentation to Homeschool Parents and Students, 9/29/2006

2006 Supporters Summit: Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom, 10/27 - 10/28/2006

Mises Institute Supporters Summit 2005: "The Economics of Fascism," 10/7 - 10/8/2005

2006 Steven Berger Seminar: Thomas DiLorenzo on Liberty and American Civilization, 6/5 - 6/9/2006

YouTube Playlist

Introduction to Austrian Economic Analysis seminar with Joseph Salerno, 6/12 - 6/23/2006

Commerce and Culture: A Seminar with Paul Cantor, 7/24 - 7/28/2006

"The Truth About American History: An Austro-Jeffersonian Perspective" seminar with Thomas Woods, 6/20 - 6/24/2005

(some of these cut off before the end; you can find audio only versions here)

Mises University Lectures

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