Monday, January 7, 2008

Homeschoolers for Ron Paul!

Mary Pride of Practical Homeschooling puts in her two cents on why Ron Paul would make a far better president for homeschoolers than Huckabee. The Home Schooling Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) made the disastrous decision to endorse Huckabee even though a Paul presidency would be far better for homeschoolers. Check out her excellent article:

This is something new for me. For the last 22 years, my family has served the homeschooling movement without ever uttering a single word (in print OR behind the scenes) regarding national or state politics.

But now that one particular candidate-former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee-is experiencing a surge in popularity that the mainstream press attributes to the homeschool movement, I feel the need to say a few words.

Acccording to a December 17 Washington Post story, "It was the endorsement by prominent national home-school advocate Michael Farris that helped propel Huckabee to a surprising second-place finish in the Iowa straw poll in August. And it was the twin sons of a home-school advocate in Oregon who helped put Huckabee in touch with television tough guy Chuck Norris, who appeared alongside him in an attention-getting TV spot and on the campaign trail." With other media heavy hitters agreeing that homeschoolers as a group are making the difference for Huckabee, such as the December 17 New York Times piece, "Huckabee Draws Support of Home-School Families," we need to ask ourselves:

Do we want to yoke the homeschool movement's future to the political trustworthiness of this man?

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